Transformation library opening

Ambulance nurses to join EEAST

The Project Management Office (PMO) are looking for volunteers to contribute to a new Transformation Library which will support anyone needing advice and guidance on how to develop a successful service improvement project.

Peter Mercer, Deputy Head of Strategy and Transformation, said: ‘There is an awful lot of good work happening on a daily basis across EEAST, which is having a real impact on patient care and service delivery as staff undertake service improvement activities.

We are setting up ‘The Transformation Library’ which will be an online collection point where we can collate examples of this work and make it available to other teams can then use the knowledge and lessons learned as a guide to go and launch their own projects. We want the library to include not just reports of previous projects but also examples of materials that were created to support them, examples could include anything from guidance documents to posters, new patient pathway outlines to sample patient satisfaction surveys. We are keen to see a diverse variety of information being shared for the benefit of others.

‘For many of us, having an idea and actually putting it into practice are two very different things. Hopefully filling the Transformation Library with outputs and recommendations from other staff will make it a useful tool and give teams or individual staff members a bit of confidence and support to take forward their own service improvement initiatives.’

‘The first step to getting the Library up and running is gathering those example projects and, with that in mind, we would like to get in touch with anyone across the Trust who has worked on a successful quality or service improvement initiative, whether it’s had a direct impact on patient care or Trust processes. With increasing numbers of projects being developed using the QSIR service improvement methods we are keen also to hear from those of who have submitted quality improvement ideas through the QI team and are taking these forward.

If this sounds like you or your team, and you would be happy to share details of your experience with others, please email the PMO team. In the first instance, we will send you a short questionnaire to complete which will give us an idea of where in the library your project should be placed and some Basic details on the content of your project.’

The Transformation Library will be housed on Teams and will be accessible to all members of EEAST staff.

Published 22nd December 2020