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EEAST wellbeing are receiving many questions about TRiM (Trauma Risk Management). We are currently reviewing all our systems and will properly announce any changes or improvements once this is finalised. For now, we thought we would take this opportunity to keep you updated.

Wellbeing, including mental health, are high on our agenda, and TRiM fits into our three stage model of care - prevention, early ‘diagnosis’ and treatment - as a tool for preventing any long lasting effects following a traumatic incident. It also fits with NICE guidelines in terms of providing ‘watchful waiting’ to ensure if any difficulties arise we can catch them early.

“So good that TRiM is offered at EEAST. I was never offered it with my previous trust. It’s definitely the way forward.”

“Everyone I have spoken to has told me how valuable the chat was.”

“The TRiM process helped and I’m now happy to carry on!”

Just some of the testimonials on the Trust’s TRiM service - a service that more and more frontline colleagues are benefitting from. Over 1,100 referrals are received each year, but in November 2018 only 13% (about 1 in 8) of colleagues referred were accepting the offer of a TRiM. By August 2019 the take-up percentage had risen to 31%, while by March 2020 the figure stood at 35% and now, in June 2020, 42% of those referred for a TRiM would like to engage and would welcome a one-to-one. 

TRiM referrals can be made by managers, self referred or by a colleague following a potentially traumatic incident (or series of incidents) if they feel a completely confidential, non-judgemental conversation would benefit to see if further support might be appropriate.

EEAST's Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) service, run by the Wellbeing Team, includes around 150 specially trained TRiM Practitioners (or TPs), who are all frontline colleagues, happy to deliver speedy, empathetic and helpful peer-to-peer support.

“All I get is great feedback from staff who have been referred.”

If you feel a chat with a TRiM practitioner would be helpful, please complete the referral form which you can download a referral form here. For more information about TRiM please contact

Published 22nd June 2020

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