Trust moves to REAP level 4


Due to significant operational pressures, the Trust has moved from REAP level 3 to REAP level 4 (Extreme Pressure)

What is REAP?

Resource Escalation Action Plan (REAP) is a plan that is considered at least weekly by the Ambulance Trust to declare the expected operating level for the next seven days, with the ability between to change this level based on changed information or intelligence.

We are already taking a number of actions as part of REAP level 3 to assist in improving our response to patients and ensuring we provide the best possible care. However, further actions are now needed to ensure against the demand we are experiencing .

What does this mean for you?

  • You may be asked to work in a different way to provide an increased response level across the Trust (operational staff only).
  • Clinical staff will be asked to return to patient facing duties instead of training and meetings.
  • If you're on leave, you may be asked if you are able to come in and support (you could also elect to work overtime on a different shift).
  • Patient Transport Services (PTS) staff may be asked to attend some low acuity, urgent or emergency calls or provide some additional cover on overtime to assist. This will be done with the support and guidance from the Ambulance Operations Centres (AOCs).
  • Attendance at private events (such as school visits or other similar functions), may be cancelled or the duration amended.
  • The overtime incentivisation is still ongoing.
  • Clinical and operational managers will be asked to provide support to A&E operations either on ambulance shifts or tasked as a solo responder to category 1 calls to support our most critically ill patients.
  • You may see an increase in the use of Private Ambulance Services (PAS) supporting the Trust, especially in PTS.
  • Additional work with our systems to support hospital handover will occur.
  • Further recruitment of temporary call handler positions will be undertaken.
  • Additional welfare and support will be reviewed.
  • Additional leadership presence for decision making will occur.
  • Mutual aid requests have been made from other services to assist.
  • Additional communications with the public and our stakeholders will occur.

More detailed guidance on REAP levels can be found on East24.

Please note: these actions are in addition to any actions in the Trust Surge Demand Management Plan. You should be aware that the actions in the Surge Plan may be implemented at an earlier stage than normal at REAP 3.

The REAP level is reviewed on a weekly basis taking into account the next seven-day predicted position but can be moved at any time based on dynamic situations, such as a major incident or if the circumstances change between reviews that warrant further consideration.

Thank you for your support and focus on patients along with your colleagues.

 Published 21st July 2021