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We’re asking colleagues to be vigilant to anything suspicious after thieves in Suffolk stole gas containers from our offices.

The security of our staff and property is of the utmost importance, so please be vigilant when letting people into stations and offices:

  • Don’t let anyone tailgate you into a station or office building
  • Always check who is following behind you and challenge – if safe to do so
  • Wear your ID in a prominent position
  • Ensure doors and windows are closed when you leave your station or office
  • Don’t prop front doors (or any access door) open
  • Politely ask visitors why and who they are visiting, check with the relevant Trust department or manager, and ask them to show their company’s ID; please don’t leave them alone in any secure part of the building.

Our verex door access system and CCTV is developing in to a powerful tool to help prevent and detect unwanted intrusion into our sites. It can prevent access by eliminating the need for door codes. It can also help detect potential intruders by the use of CCTV.

In an aid to help staff become aware of door closure issues, we are fitting all new doors on the verex system with door open sensors. This will trigger an audible alarm at a door that has been left open for too long.  An email will then be sent to the local management team once an audible alarm has been triggered. This will help the local managers investigate any security issues.

Published 12th January, 2017

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