Video Update: Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive 11th August 2020

Trust update from Chief Executive, Dorothy Hosein on 11th August 2020 (transcript): 

Hello colleagues, I just wanted to bring you up to date on a number of things that are going on, one of them being the pulse survey that we’re launching next week.

As you know, we do a survey every year and that is your opportunity for your voice to be heard and that is really, really important. We, this year, have decided to also avail of doing an intermediary survey, it is a very shortened version, some questions are around COVID but some of the other areas are around have we improved from the last survey. So, it will only take you a couple of minutes and it starts next week so I hope many of you will participate in that. You know how strongly I feel about your voice being heard, it really, really is important. So please look out for that, you will see it, you will get constant reminders, but please look out for it.

The corporate strategy, I have got it here in my hand, a little booklet has just been launched this week and looks really good. There are many of you in there who I know you will recognise, which is wonderful. You can pick up a copy in many of the stations and in the key hubs etc but if you want to have a look at it online it is also out there. This is a really important part of our future. We did consult on this with many stakeholders, including yourselves, and again it is part of our journey to achieve our vision for the coming years. So please look out for it, it is very, very important. It will also be on Need to Know and I know you will see that this week so check that out also but online or pick up a copy.

I also just wanted to pick up with you around what is going on around us as a business at the moment. I know it is really busy, of course we have had these mad temperatures that I know you personally will struggle with at home and in the workplace. It is particularly difficult when temperatures reach these ridiculous heights but please keep hydrated. I am absolutely grateful to every one of you for all of the work that you did in the last week, you have done an amazing job under very difficult circumstances. We have achieved some really new heights in terms of our activity but your ability to be able to go and see patients or to triage them, the ECAT team to triage them, and to be there for them has been amazing and whilst we haven’t been able to achieve our national standards for every patient, we have absolutely tried our very, very best and it is really a credit to you.

There has also been a number of very distressing cases that we have gone out to with a number of drownings, I think we had about six drownings in the last couple of days which absolutely break your heart and of course this whole staycation, which is right for us as a nation right now, is having an impact but please keep yourself and your families safe and I want to say a huge thank you. See you soon.

Published 11th August 2020

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