Trust Update from Chief Executive, Dorothy Hosein - 29th July 2020

Trust update from Chief Executive, Dorothy Hosein on 29th July 2020 (transcript): 

Hello colleagues, I know some of you are on holiday right now and others will have gone away and I know there is probably a little bit of upset with the new regulations around Spain. But I guess we can only expect that things change because that is the environment that we are in and that is covid really, because we don’t know where it is going to pop up and that is all part of the global issue for us all. 

So, I hope that it doesn’t dampen your spirits too much and I hope that you are able to get a little bit of a vacation in because it is so important as we go into winter and we all love the summer vacations, there is no doubt about that. 

Just on shielding,  1st August those of you that have been shielding will know that it actually comes to an end - that does not mean that everybody comes back to work. What does matter is that again it is risk assessed and actually it is appropriate for you. So, I just want everybody to know that. 

You’ll have also seen that we’ve done quite a bit of communication last week and John Syson, our HRD and Marcus Bailey, our COO around risk assessments generally and again we have been asked to risk assess certain communities within our staff groups, such as males over 55 and other groups, and we ask to assess those first but everybody will be risk assessed in time. But, if we could get all of that data onto our portal which we now have, it will make it easier for us to collate because we have got a submission to make at the end of this week. So, many thanks for your input in that. 

And something wonderful, we have been sending out badges to the children of EEAST, I think we have done about 500 so far and I want to thank you for applying for them because it has been a real pleasure seeing those wonderful photographs and getting some emails back. It has certainly made my day and I love to see all of our children of EEAST. 

We have got many more in the post this week, so look out they are on their way. 

In regards to our performance, we are still doing very, very well and I want to thank you all for your hard work, it is tremendous and our regulator has said a huge thank you and they want you to know that. 

So, achieving our national standards is no mean feat, our activity is back to normal, so a huge thanks. 

I’m sitting here with a piece of paper that is actually a certificate of appreciation from the Lord Lieutenant Helen Nellis of Bedford just to say again thank you, and she wanted to send something more formal because she wanted to acknowledge all that great work that you have been doing. 

So, again I hope you’re managing to get a little bit of a holiday and thanks for everything you are doing and I’ll speak with you soon.

Published 29th July 2020

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