Trust update from Dorothy Hosein - 14 April 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein video on 14th April

Hello colleagues

Post Easter today, Tuesday, I hope that you had some relaxation over the weekend. I know these are difficult times and I’m sure many of you had some skype calls or some calls with relatives in far away places. I certainly enjoyed my calls with my mother over the period, I made sure to have FaceTime with her. She’s 87, live alone and what was so fantastic was she dressed up for our call. She showed me her knitting and crochet and what she was cooking. It was so terrific, it felt like we were together and very warm, so I hope you had a chance for something that felt good in these difficult times.

I’ve been mentioning every week about the amount of new people we’re bringing into the organisation in clinical and non-clinical. We’re beginning now to see those folks joining us on a regular basis over the weeks. From tomorrow, certainly from Wednesday, you’ll see more around the military joining us – I’m sure you’ve seen the communication around that. Fire colleagues we’ve mentioned and other colleagues. So today, we’ll be sending out that Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) around all of those colleagues coming in with the risk assessment for clarity. I know that many of you had concerns to say, ‘how is this going to work?’. I want to assure you that the team here, the clinical team and the operations team have done a fantastic job of risk assessing how these folks are going to be managed within our business and actually what models of care and where we are using them. So, for assurance, I’m sure you’ll look forward to seeing that.

In these difficult times, equality, diversity and our values could never be more important and I know that you share that with me and this is the way that EEAST works and that we’re proud to absolutely imbibe all of that and please with the new people coming into our organisation, please make sure that actually that’s very visible and we can demonstrate those things because there’s nothing more important than that.

PPE supplies, I want to assure you again that we absolutely have enough supplies for our organisation and for our staff. Your safety is key priority. We are monitoring the stocks, we get an update on a daily basis to my executive team. Over the weekend when we were all working, every single day we have that report, so I want you to know you’re at the forefront of our mind and our priority in terms of safety and there is no compromise to that. So, all of those stops are in place.

You’ll have seen also that, Spain Italy, France have got their plans around their social distancing and lockdowns. I think we’re expecting that this week to get some update. What’s very, very clear is that social distancing is having an impact. I don’t think, and I’m saying this as Dorothy rather than Dorothy Chief Executive, but I think that it would be fair to say and surmise that probably this is going to go on for a while our lockdown and that all of us are going to be totally committed to that compliance to help save the lives of our communities and to protect the NHS.

I look forward to speaking to you at the end of the week.

Thank you.


Published 14th April 2020


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