Trust update from Dorothy Hosein -17th April 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein video on 17th April

Hello Colleagues,

Well, we have just received haven’t we yesterday the information on the lockdown from Government and the NHS and where we are over the upcoming weeks and we know that for the next three weeks, that lockdown is in place. That is good to know, because we know what we are aiming for and what was really heartening was that we know that the lockdown is working.

I know many of you, like myself will have family stories and friend stories around this Covid episode and how anxious and worried you have been. Some of you may know that my daughter lives in New York for example and has had Covid and was sick for a number of weeks. It is really really worrying and when you look out from afar and can’t reach out it is really really difficult. So, I want to send my best to you and your families and I hope that you are coping in this very difficult situation.

In terms of our staff, we have seen over the last week when we have had an increase in swabbing available that we have been able to test a couple of hundred of staff in the last few weeks which is wonderful and their families. That is really really good and we are now beginning to see staff coming back to work. We have had a huge amount of staff go off, as you know, but now we are beginning to see them return. I hope this is an indication of the Covid levels going down.

In terms of PPE, we have sufficient supplies and I am really delighted to also be able to confirm with you that we also have consistent supplies of the Tyvek suits which is your level 3 PPE and we should have no problem with that. So, your safety again secured. So that is very very good news.

There are lots and lots of help lines available and I know we just issued on Need to Know all of those that are available to you to access. I was just commenting to some colleagues this morning here in Melbourn around the Mental Health First Response for example help lines that are now available to all of us to access should we need them. That is a tremendous asset. Please have a look at Need to Know because all of the details are there for you.

I also wanted to pay a huge thank you to the amount of people who volunteered to come and help here us at EEAST. It has been about 4,000. Phenomenal amount of people! I’d love to be able to use all of them, I’m not sure that we can. A huge thank you and to the local effort that has been put in place. We know, when we have been interviewing some of these folks, that they come from every walk of life that you can possibly imagine to say, ‘how can I help you’ so a huge thank you.

Again, please take care. Stay in lockdown mode, do all of the proper precautions as that is what is going to make the difference and I look forward with getting together with you again on Monday.

Bye for now.


Published 17th April 2020

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