Trust update from Dorothy Hosein - 20 April 2020


Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein video on 20th April

Hello colleagues

Well sadly I have to report that we’ve lost a colleague in this last week, Barry England, who was with the service over 33 years – amazing, and he was due to retire very shortly and it is so sad that we have lost Barry to Covid-19. I want to say that I know that colleagues are really in pain, they were looking forward to him coming back and working with us again. It’s very hard in times like these to offer words of comfort, and all I can say is lots of love, bug hugs to Barry’s colleagues, friends and family.

You’ll have seen over the weekend a lot of information again around PPE, one of our key priorities, in particular around gowns and the shortage of gowns. We sent out yesterday communication to be absolutely clear that we don’t use those gowns. We have in our service, the PPE that we need for our staff, for you, to keep you safe, so again, I just wanted to confirm that, it’s really really important.

They’ve been many questions asked, you’ll have seen this in the media to, asking the government, when are we all opening up again. AS you know I’ve been reporting each week to you around the additional capacity we’ve put in around fleet and around resource in general. Some people are saying, well Dorothy, you’re not using it all, because it hasn’t actually ramped up to the levels that perhaps you thought it would. But I want to be very clear, we are in lockdown and we are still in this pandemic phase of this disease. So we wont be ramping back, anything, until there are clear signs that we can do so. What I would say is, we’re following all of the national guidelines but also the scientific evidence – that’s what’s important. So please, if you think that we have to much, I would rather have too much than too little. We will keep you absolutely posted. And thanks again to those folks who have joined us in the service to help us, such as the military, fire and other colleagues.

I also want to say a huge thank you today, as its Volunteer Recognition Day, to thank all the volunteers. We’ve got CFRs working in as drivers, as supporters, doing welfare, all sorts of things. Huge thanks, we couldn’t do it without you.

On another note, I hope you happen to catch a little bit of ‘One world together at home’ last night, the concert, to really give you recognition, all the key workers of all the good work you are doing. I’ve taped it, I started it, then got a call, but I hope you get to see it, it’s actually a great tribute from some of the best artists in the world and celebrities, to say ‘thank you’.

I know it’s difficult still, stick with it, we’re doing all the right things and I look forward to catching up at the end of the week.


Published 20th April 2020


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