Trust update from Dorothy Hosein - 23 March 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein video on 23rd March

Hello colleagues! 

Monday 23 March day after Mother’s Day and many of you like me felt frustrated, could not hug up our loved ones and go and see them, this is all for the right reasons as we know the national guidelines is social distancing and limiting access to those vulnerable, but what we need to look forward to is that we can control the environment and the spread of this virus will be more controlled. We look to the next Mother’s Day when it will be a real bonus.

In terms of precautions and making sure that we provide the most optimal safe environment for you in the working environment, at our AOC’s, training centres and stations we have been enhancing our infection control, what we will be asking is that you please wash your hands before you come on shift, your temperature will be taken and also some conversation around if you have been exposed or anything  we need to be aware of, what we want to do is ensure your safety and the safety of those around you and patients. So, I’m sure that you will comply with that, its all in our own interests.  We are looking to source sinks which will be put outside the front doors but in the absence of that you have got access to soap and water.

You will of heard on the news that there is some anxiety around PPE and that’s a key piece of kit for all of you and I just want to assure you , we received an order on Friday evening, we will be receiving another order today and the supply chain has now begun to ease up just like they said nationally, I’d like to thank our folks in our stores as they have done a fantastic job over this weekend, thank you, thank you, really grateful, but we do not have a shortage and continue to receive supplies.

You will also of heard a letter will be going out to 1.5 million people with chronic disease and conditions, Dr Tom will be writing out about that and these folks have been asked to go into   isolation for 12 weeks, there’s a lot of detail or who they are and what there condition is. Some of you have written to me about ventilators and we know that’s a key piece of kit in these times for COVD patients, we will be taking some of our ventilators off some ambulances as you are aware we don’t use them that frequently anyway. But we shall be contributing at least 50% maybe more in to the acute for use, probably this week or next week. I can assure you every piece of kit nationally has been looked at and we will play our part in this, it’s really important.

In terms of updates and all the things you need to know, please go to Need to Know on a daily basis because it will give you everything you need to know, tings are moving so rapidly this week around our workforce and towards the end of this week talk to you about our initiatives and how we are going to enhance our position and make sure all those wonderful people who are trying to help us are actually going to be used. I’ll update on that later in the week.

I mentioned at the beginning of this about social distancing and we all have to do that, I’m missing seeing you out there and I’m trying to do my job to enable us to keep everything going and my team are really sorry we can’t get out to see you.

Take care of yourselves and find whatever means you have to keep fit and mentally well during this period of time. I’ll share with you mine is a walk in the dark at night around my neighbourhood, my husband follows me to make sure I’m ok. I want to wish you well and speak to you alter in the week, but you’ll be getting updates everyday.

Keep safe



Published 23rd March 2020

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