Trust update from Dorothy Hosein - 30 March 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein video on 30th March

Good afternoon colleagues. 

As you know there are a number of people who have volunteered and have also approached the NHS to join us. That’s amazing! In our own service this week we will be welcoming a number of colleagues who will be joining us in the call centres - I know you’ll make everybody very welcome. We are also going to do have people come to in to drive our vehicles, supporting us and lots more to come and I’m sharing that in the coming weeks with you. A huge welcome to all the newcomers who are joining us.

Over the weekend, we heard from the government and the NHS around some guidelines in this very challenging period and what they basically said was 'social distancing is still a number one factor in spreading this disease'. We know you all play a part in that. I know that you’re looking at how you can confine yourselves in your own environments. In our work environments, I want to address this a little bit, there are some people in our crew rooms who are saying 'actually we are not practicing social distancing' – we absolutely need to. We need to be in there, it’s not that we can’t go into our crew rooms. I want you all to think about that in a very pragmatic way. We’ve put in some measures around taking temperatures, making sure people are well, but please, please act pragmatically. In terms of our call centres, we have a one-meter distance between individuals. Of course, that’s sufficient when people are well. Again, please don’t come to work if you’re not well.

Something else that came out around the lockdown this weekend was also around staff testing for NHS staff. I’ve just received the guidelines, in the next day I hope to receive what our capacity will look like for our service. For those of us that are unwell, or our families, they will get that testing. I have no idea what that capacity looks like just now, but as soon as I do, you will know and we will certainly use all of those slots available to us.

This weekend, a team, and I know there are many of you going over and above, but I’d really like to thank the recruitment team this weekend who processed 166 new people joining our business. Well done and a huge thank you! We’ve moved across to 7 day working but this is another example of how people have stepped up and our giving their time. We couldn’t do this without the goodwill and support. How fantastic.

I’ve just this afternoon, one of the joys of my job is signing off all the Hidden Gems within the organisation and the nominations for those, and it’s really heartening – there was a big bunch this afternoon. I’d just like to end by saying, all of you to me are hidden gems. A huge thank you! If I had my way right now, I’d be writing to all of you. But please take my verbal thanks. You are great people and it’s a great pleasure to work with you and I’m really, really proud to be part of our service.



Published 30th March 2020

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