Trust update from Dorothy Hosein, CEO - 11 May 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein Chief Executive update video on 11th May

Hello colleagues

Well as you know Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, last night gave us some new information around the next steps of the Covid pandemic. In those next steps he highlighted what was going to happen over the current months depending on our social distancing and the impact that would have. So social distancing, is very very important still. I just wanted to emphasise that.  

Today we’re expecting, as he said, further information on what he outlined yesterday around what we can do in this period of time, in terms of unlocking certain parts of our economy. I just wanted to highlight to you that, we obviously haven’t seen those 50 pages and what the details are, we will be analysing that as to what that will mean to us as an organisation. As things stand, please do not change any of your working arrangements until you hear from us. Many of our folks are working from home, some of that will continue quite frankly because its transformational, its innovative, it’s been good for individuals, keeping them safe, keeping their families safe but also good for our business too and we’ll be working through that, some might take a little bit of time, so we’re not planning on any immediate changes. So please stay put. You’re doing a fantastic job and I want to thank you.

Something else that has been going on in the last couple of days, particularly over the weekend, is swabbing and we’ve been increasing the swabbing of our staff. We did about 508 people this weekend, which is terrific and I want to thank those people who got involved as I know the kits that came in around the swabbing, didn’t really arrive as kits, they arrived as bits that had to be put together. So there was a lot of running around in getting it organised. But it did happen and swabbing will certainly be part of our future over the coming months and we will make sure that we get as much of it in place as possible.

As you know, last November, we lost three colleagues very sadly. We’ve been doing a lot of work with our organisation internally and externally around what the findings of an investigation into that. We commissioned an external investigator on top of doing our own internal work to make sure that we could learn from the sad deaths of those individuals and colleagues, which has hit us all very very hard. I just wanted to bring to your attention that the findings and recommendations and the action plan from that investigation will be coming to the EEAST Board this Wednesday and will become public following that conversation at the Board on Wednesday. It will be on our website, the recommendations and the action plan, so please look out for that. I know it’s terribly sad but its really important to us as an organisation is that any of the learnings that we absolutely make sure we move on in terms of improvements and your safety and that of your colleagues are a paramount  priority.

So, I look forward to speaking to you later on in the week.

Many thanks

Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive

Published 11th May 2020


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