Trust update from Dorothy Hosein, CEO - 18 May 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein Chief Executive update video on 18th May

Hello colleagues

Monday 18th, the sun is shining so that’s a little bit of good news and brightness in our life. It’s also Mental Health Awareness Week and I just wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention. It’s a really important week. We know now how many people are suffering issues around mental health and what we’ve got to make sure is that we create an environment where people can talk about it. Here at EEAST, we’re doing a lot of work, particularly around having a mental health champion in each of the areas – and thank you to all of you who wrote to me saying ‘I’d really love to help with this’, ‘I’d love to get on the training’. I’ve received a number of requests and I’m working with Duncan Moore, our lead, to see how many we need and who can go on the course, who’s available etc. Terrific! Wonderful! Got to have that! Also I’m very keen that in your area and in your stations you’ll be seeing a lot of posters going up, signposting you to other organisations that are available should you not want to approach your mental health champion, because people want to access mental health in all sorts of different ways and it’s extremely personal and we must respond to that.

The other thing on the back of that is that also behaviours are really important in our organisation and in society generally. I’m a firm believer in values and behaviours and you’ll also see a number of posters going up on what’s acceptable and what isn’t because actually, some people just don’t understand or just don’t have the insight into about when they make a glib comment about something that they don’t realise that actually that can be offensive. So we want to make sure that, that is all holistic part of your experience at work and how you feel.

We’ve themed our week this week, the week of ‘Kindness’ – you’ll see a lot of activity going on around kindness. My goodness have we seen so much kindness during this COVID period, it’s been wonderful, whether it’s people volunteering or offering support, we’ve had some cupcakes here the other day – a whole box of them arrived, so really good for our figures here! But it was such an act of kindness to say just thinking of you and it was from a lady in the village.

In terms of our performance, which is important for our patients, and that’s the access target, this is our 28th day achieving all national standards for our patients and I want to thank everyone for their contribution to that, whether it be you’ve gone out to a heart attack, a fall, a sick child, well done you, and we want to keep that up. Its tremendous, really tremendous!

The staff survey as you know comes out every year and last years staff survey results are out in your area currently. I know that managers will be having conversations with you around what the key themes were in your area, because it’s quite local, the voice is local, although its confidential as you know, it’s equally local in terms of that and I want your voice to be heard so please play a part in that and make sure those themes are right in your area and those actions. I look forward to seeing the results on that. I’m hugely supportive of any initiatives you think of to improve things.

Thanks a lot and I’ll speak to you later.

Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive

Published 18th May 2020


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