Trust update from Dorothy Hosein, CEO - 24 April 2020


Video transcript:  Dorothy Hosein Chief Executive update video on 24th April

Hello colleagues

Since I spoke to you at the beginning of this week we now know from NHS England and what the Government are telling us is that actually COVID-19 is going to extend for a longer period and they’ve called it ‘the tail’ and we know this could go on for many months and yesterday we also heard that in fact social distancing could go on til the end of the year.

I think managing our expectations and those around us, as I have to manage my own family around that, it is probably good to know that actually it is going to go on that bit longer because we initially thought there was going to be a short-termism to this but actually we’ve got to grit and continue with our measures and it is going to be longer.  We as an organisation are planning for that also. In line with that, the wider system, and the implications and that wider healthcare system that I’m talking about – all of the routine work has stopped and as you will have heard in the press and media generally is that there are a lot of people waiting in line, whether it be for cancer treatments, whether it be elective surgery and I know a lot of work is going on – and I’m part of those conversations with the regional team - around what the acutes can do now that we know that this is going to be extended for that longer period. I’ve great confidence in our acute colleagues and regional teams that we will be planning to see how we can bring back some of that activity. Of course, you know that we will see that activity as well, in terms of when folks feel a little more confident to come back and call 999.

I want to say thank you to our CFR colleagues again. I know that those over 70 are really frustrated right now cause they can’t get out there but you know, please bear with us, you’ll be out there again and I know you’ll be helping us. There is a great deal of great work going on with CFR colleagues.

Last night was the beginning on Ramadan, and I just wanted to recognise that and I know there is a lot of information out there for folks who will be fasting in this month. It will be a very different month for those folks as they won’t have that collegiate group meetings at night, prayer meetings at night and eating together. I want to wish them well during this period of time and to recognise that it is actually reflective month for them.

Something good going on for us also this week, we just rolled out our mobile vehicle cleaning  service at nine hospitals/nine acutes. That will have an enormous impact on the turnaround of our vehicles. I want to thank our acute colleagues for working with us and also to our Make-ready teams and vehicle teams who made this happen.  We’ve been talking about it for a while and it is happening, so that’s great news.

I mentioned to you last week about the sad death of our colleague Barry England and his colleagues got together to pay tribute to him last night as part of the thank you and clapping for the NHS. I want to say thank you to them – I know there will be a more formal tribute but I just wanted to recognise again that colleagues really do miss him and that it was also a lovely tribute.

Those of you who had the TV on last night would have seen Big Night In and that was part of the Thursday clapping. I put my treadmill in front of the TV and it got me to do that few minutes more. It’s a great tribute again, to say thank you  - we all know the great work we are doing in the NHS but thank you again and I look forward to seeing you again next week.


Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive

Published 24th April 2020


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