Trust update from Dorothy Hosein, CEO - 8 June 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein Chief Executive update video on 8th June 2020

Hello colleagues,

I know many of you have been hurting, and feeling a lot of pain over the last 12-13 days since the death of George Floyd in the United States of America. And over this weekend, many of you will have seen that there has been a lot of protests globally to say, ‘Actually, we need to address some of the issues around Black Lives Matter’.

I just wanted to say to you as your Chief Executive, that I’m absolutely committed to equality for all out folks, absolutely committed to it. We have a wonderful BAME network hear at EEAST, who I have been working with since I jointed the Trust, and they really are passionate about making change. And wow, do we as an NHS and do we globally, need to make that change.

I want to encourage more people to join that network, that is really important. I spent some time actually listening to our colleagues this morning, our BAME colleagues. What is very clear is that we white people, I will say this, don’t always know how it feels to be different, that diversity, what does it feel like. What I would ask all of you is to listen to your colleagues and also it is not enough to say, ‘I don’t agree with racial discrimination’, what matters is what we do about it.

There ae many things here at EEAST that we are doing, and we need to continue to do, but we need to do those actions. To actually become an organisation that nobody can say, ‘I feel different’, in. The big thing is that we must feel that we have an open safe space to talk. And one of the things that I heard strongly from our community here is that many people are avoiding the conversation. Don’t avoid it. Seek what it feels like to feel, and also listen to what we can do about it. Join the movement to do something, that’s what I would ask of you.

There’s a wonderful document, and I say it really is a wonderful document, just been issued by the BME forum for the National Ambulance Service. How can you become an ally? And I honestly think that it is quite powerful. Please have a read, it’ll be right there on Need to Know, so please have a read.

Tomorrow, sadly, is the funeral of our dear colleague Neil Ruch, who died recently of Covid. I know many of you are missing him, but I just wanted to recognise that, you know, we’re all hurting, and hopefully this Covid will not take any more of our colleagues.

Anti-body testing. Well we’ve been up and running, and what a fantastic success. We’ve already tested around 4,500 folks, so terrific, in the last ten days. I know it is slow getting the results back, but we will continue to do all out folks, and I think it is a wonderful thing. So, thank you for participating in that. Very, very important from a surveillance perspective.

Now that brings me back to something you heard me say week in, week out since this awful nightmare happened around Covid, and that’s around social distancing. This is powerful, it’s the power of the people, social distancing is something that will really affect how we keep this under control. I would ask each and every one of you, in your personal lives, and where you can, socially distance. There is no better initiative that that. So please, keep that up, don’t relax, and actually make sure that people know you are being proactive because it will affect those around you.

I look forward to speaking to you later in the week.


Thank you.

Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive

Published 8th June 2020


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