Tuning in for V Festival

V Fest pic

This weekend the Trust will be providing medical cover at the V Festival in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, with the aim of dealing with all calls from the event on-site.

Planning for the festival started in October last year and the Trust will have a dedicated control room on the site, as well as a team of up to 50 people covering 24-hours, including ambulance crews, solo responders, doctors and nurses.

This is to ensure normal operations will continue as business as usual outside of the festival.

Jon Moore, who has been leading the planning for the event, said: “The Trust has provided medical cover at the festival since it started in 1996 and a lot of people have been involved in the planning for this year, including resilience, medical equipment, HR, fleet, logistics and planning teams. I would like to thank everyone for their work and look forward to a successful weekend.”

Published 15th August 2014 

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