Two new interactive modules available on LearnZone

Learning from incidents

Need to update your clinical and practice educator skills? Here are two new e-learning modules available on LearnZone

The new online ECG e-learning material is now available:

  • The online cardiology material is split into three sessions; anatomy and physiology, rhythm recognition and acute coronary syndrome (Bundle branch blocks are covered as a separate entity). The content is aligned with the learning objectives from the student paramedic programme, from which assessment ensures clinicians are competent to autonomously interpret ECGs in practice. The online sessions are appropriate for all grades of clinicians to undertake, whether it as part of a current education programme or a refresher of previous study, although completion alone does not signify competency. Each session has a short informal assessment, to allow the user to identify knowledge gaps for further guided study and can be evidenced as a CPD activity. Based on feedback within the training and education department, student paramedics and student associate ambulance practitioners may find these sessions particularly useful when preparing for their examination as they progress towards autonomous practice.   

A Practice Educator refresher programme has been launched :

  • The new Practice Educator refresher programme had been developed and is an online learning resource to support the delivery of practice education and supplement the Trust’s practice educator training programmes. The interactive course is designed to refresh knowledge and provide an introduction to the purpose of practice education. It also includes student progression, assessment, feedback and recording developmental action plans.  The programme is intended to support those currently facilitating learning in practice, but can be used as a resource by any staff member with an interest in practice education. It can be accessed through the Development Courses tab on LearnZone or in the Professional Support section.

Both modules can be accessed through the Training and Education tab on LearnZone, in the Practice Education section.

Published 6th June 2018

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