Understanding more about the risks from terrorists

Chapelfield exercise Norwich   March 2015

A series of videos have been released for staff to help them better understand the terrorism threat currently faced in the UK.

The videos provide detailed information that may help crews if they find themselves first on scene at a suspected terrorist incident or find they are confronted with suspicious substances at a property they attend.

Over the last few years the type of terrorist attack the UK has faced has changed significantly; these days most terrorists are looking to generate as many casualties as possible rather than simply looking to damage the country’s infrastructure.

Incidents have ranged from homemade explosives causing death and destruction on our public transport networks through to groups or lone individuals using knives to attacks unsuspecting members of the public.

While the security services do all they can to protect people from terrorist attack the terrorists look for new ways of ensuring their attack isn’t thwarted.

To help Trust staff understand more about the risks from terrorists there are three short videos now available, which all staff are encouraged to watch:

Non Specialist Responder – MTFA Incidents

This is about ensuring all staff have the knowledge to give them the best chance of survival should they find they are involved in this type of incident.  The video looks at how staff can protect themselves from view and from fire and reinforces the Government’s national Run, Hide, Tell message.

Improvised Explosive Devises

This video looks at the consequences of a homemade IED at the Manchester Arena earlier this year and talks about the risks which face first responders. The video also acts as a reminder to crews that they should always be considering whether an RVP or a Casualty Collection Point has been targeted with secondary devices. http://east24/Emergency-ops/improvised-explosive-devices.htm

Home Made Explosives

This video is a follow-on to the video released after the 7/7 attacks in London and again looks at indicators crews may find at a location where these extremely deadly and unstable explosives are being made.  The video shows not only how unstable some homemade peroxide explosives are but how simple changes in temperature can cause the explosives to activate. http://east24/Emergency-ops/home-made-explosives.htm

Staff are reminded all three videos are categorised as Official – Sensitive and are only accessible on Trust computers and as such must not be copied, downloaded or recorded and shared with anyone outside of the Trust.

Finally the Government has recently issued new guidance about the IOR project, which was initially rolled out prior to the 2012 Olympics.  This updated guidance has again been designed with the public in mind and follows the concept of “Remove”, “Remove”, “Remove”.

Development of this revamp has included work with Public Health England (PHE) and other associated stakeholders, as well as our target audiences. The final product has been focus group tested by PHE, to ensure it delivers simple, easy to recall IOR advice which meets the long-term needs of:

More information on IOR can be found on the Resilience part of the Trust intranet HERE.

Published 5th January 2018

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