Unison Engagement and welfare days 2021/22

Trust crest and UNISON logo

Your Unison branch leadership team along with local Unison representatives are visiting stations near you... This is staff's opportunity to grab some freebies, lunch and raise concerns and idea's with your Unison leadership.

We are continuing to work with the trust executive leaders to ensure that we are working in an environment that we are happy to be in and are able to tackle any issues that arise to us.

The UNISON engagement and welfare days 2021/2022 poster attached gives details on when your local branch will be visiting stations across the east of England and we want to meet as many members as possible.

The first few dates are:

  • May 31st - Watford Station
  • June 1st - Stevenage Station
  • June 2nd - Watford Station
  • June 3rd - Stevenage Station
  • June 4th - Luton Station
  • June 8th - Harlow Station
  • June 10th - Chelmsford Station
  • June 11th - Chelmsford AOC

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us via Support@eeas-unison.com

Published 4th May 2021