Update from Anthony Marsh - 11th December 2014

Chief Executive Dr Anthony Marsh

I met with a number of our local MPs this week in Westminster to update them on the actions that we have put in place and the subsequent improvements to services since January. It was pleasing to share the really good news that long ambulance delays are significantly reduced, performance is improving, complaints are down and compliments are up.

The number of staff on the road is increasing month on month too; we have 22 student paramedics joining the frontline this month, 59 in January, 47 in February and 114 in March. Our fleet is improving too, with 16 emergency ambulances arriving on the road in January, 28 in February and 23 in March.

When I took over we were the worst performing ambulance service in the country and I am pleased that this is no longer the case. Every week I receive a report showing ambulance service performance across the country against national targets. In the last few weeks we have been consistently achieving our Red 1 target, indeed last week we were the best performing ambulance service on Red 1. We have moved into the middle of the pack for Red 2 and Red 19 performance from being bottom. On the 999 call answering five-second target we are now the top performing ambulance trust for the last month.

Targets are all very well, but what does this mean for patients? It means we are answering their 999 calls quicker and we are providing those in the greatest need with the fastest response. These are critical elements in providing a good quality service, and go hand in hand with the excellent patient care you give to patients when you are with them - something which is highlighted through our monthly patient surveys.

However we have more work to do as my ambition is to turn us into one of the best ambulance services. Therefore, next year we will continue to recruit hundreds more student paramedics, upskill our emergency care assistants and emergency medical technicians, continue to invest in new ambulances and equipment, as we build on the progress we have already  made.

This really is a fantastic achievement and is down to everyone’s hard work, thank you. We must continue to relentlessly focus on improving our service so we build on the good work we have already achieved and make sure that we become a service that offers the best possible response and care to patients.

Published 11th December 2014 

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