Update from Anthony Marsh - 23rd July 2015

Chief Executive Dr Anthony Marsh

There has been a lot of speculation recently about how the Trust moves forward over the coming weeks and months. We must not let this get in the way of what we need to focus on – improving our services to patients. We have it in our gift to complete the turnaround of our ambulance service and we can do this by remaining absolutely focussed on delivering the things that will make a real difference to patients; our priorities for 2015/16:

  • recruit and train 400 student paramedics
  • upskill 60 ECAs to EMT and 40 EMTs to paramedic
  • continue fleet replacement programme to maintain all frontline vehicles less than five years old
  • reinvest the corporate spend into frontline delivery through robust benchmarking
  • implement an Organisational Development programme
  • secure CAD system. 

These are the actions that will help improve the service we give to patients. We have made good progress against all these priorities, but we need to make sure we finish the job for multiple reasons; so that the public are reassured that when they call us they will receive an excellent service every time; that we are held up as a good place to work; and a Trust that other ambulance services look to, and learn from, to see how they can improve.

Thank you so much for your hard work to help turnaround the organisation. Please keep going, as every step we make is a step toward becoming a high-performing ambulance service. In turn, I am committed to supporting you in any way I can – your welfare is incredibly important to me and will continue to be so.

Finally, I would like to firmly quash the rumour that the Trust is removing HCRT; there are no plans to do this and I am disappointed this story has affected the hard-working staff in this team. Thank you to those who got in touch with me to ask me about this directly – as always, I am happy for staff to email me with any concerns or worries I can help with.

Published 23rd July 2015 

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