Urgent message from Executive colleagues

Marcus Bailey 2019

I am writing on behalf of the whole executive leadership team, to say that we are extremely sad and upset about the recent deaths of three of our colleagues.

We know that many of you will feel shocked and distressed by recent events, especially coming so close together and we urge everyone to make allowances for how you or colleagues may be affected. We have extended our sympathies and provided immediate support to their families and friends at this difficult time.

We wanted to reach out to you, to reiterate that we take any concerns about your health and wellbeing extremely seriously and will always offer support to those of you who may require help. All of us find it extremely hard to come to terms with such tragic individual incidents and we want you to know that we are doing everything we can, to ensure that all staff receive the kind of welfare support and encouragement that we all need from time to time, when faced with these traumatic events.

The support you have shown each other has been amazing, allowing friends and colleagues to share tears and memories. No words can ever adequately cover the impact felt and experienced.

To provide additional support, we have set up a helpline for anyone who is struggling with these events, or who simply wants to talk through their thoughts. This will be open from now, through to Wednesday 4th December, from 11am – 7pm each day. Tanya and Russ, both highly trained and experienced trauma therapists, will be at the end of the line to talk with you. The number is: 07902 154 817. This is an entirely confidential space for you to use, if you wish, and the calls are in complete privacy. We will only know a) if calls have been made (in numbers) or b) if there is any risk. We will continue to review the use and make further plans around this additional support.

The offer of help can also be accessed through our Employee Assistance Programme, available on 0800 0851376 and our Wellbeing Hub. Alternatively, you can arrange a confidential conversation with Debra Winterson or Dean Stuart on 07715074010 or email wellbeing.info@nhs.net.

The Samaritans is also available, on 116 123 for free 24/7 or you can email jo@samaritans.org.

It is likely that the news will be reported in the press, including TV. We would ask if you are approached by the media about these events, please direct them through to our communications and engagement team. The team can also offer you hints and tips on how to communicate appropriately through social media.

Please take care of yourself and your colleagues. Thank you for what are doing and continue to do on a daily basis.


Marcus Bailey
Chief Operating Officer

Published 22nd November 2019