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In 2018, the NHS Staff Council agreed to reform the NHS pay structure over a three-year period covering 2018/19, 2019/20, and 2020/21 to support productivity, recruitment and retention. 1st April 2019 marks the start of year two of this process, with further pay points being deleted as part of the move to increase starting salaries and reduce the length of time it takes to reach the top of most pay bands.

In 2019/20 only, a cash lump sum will be made available to deliver an additional 1.1 per cent to the staff employed on the top points in bands 2 – 8c. For the staff employed on the top pay points in bands 2 – 8c on 31st March 2019 the total in year cash value of the award on basic pay and the additional cash sum in 2019/20 will be 2.8 percent.  The lump sum will be paid out to staff in April pay and will be non-consolidated. For band 8d and 9 the cash lump sum will be capped at the value given to band 8c.

Staff at the top of band 2 – 9 should note:

  • Staff at the top of their pay band will see their annual basic pay increase through the annual pay uplift effective on 1st April 2019. For bands 2 – 8c this increase is 1.7 per cent.
  • Staff employed on the top of bands 2 – 8c on 31st March 2019 will receive a one-off non-consolidated lump sum cash payment worth 1.1 per cent of the value of annual basic pay.  Part-time staff will receive payment on a pro-rata basis.
  • The one-off non-consolidated cash lump sum will be paid in April 2019 and will appear on pay slips as “Non Consol Pay NP”.  NP stands for non-pensionable.
  • Staff at the top of bands 8d and 9 on 31st March 2019 have the value of the one-off non-consolidated lump sum cash payment capped at the value of the payment for staff at the top of band 8c.
  • Annex 2 of the NHS terms and conditions handbook confirms the full-time equivalent value of the 1.1 per cent non-consolidated lump sum payments that a full-time staff member in bands 2 – 9 should receive:


Top of Band

2019/20 one-off non-consolidated cash payment

Band 2


Band 3


Band 4


Band 5


Band 6


Band 7


Band 8a


Band 8b


Band 8c


Band 8d


Band 9



  • Staff in post but not at work, including staff on maternity, paternity, or sickness absence, will receive the lump sum.
  • Staff on secondment on 31st March 2019, who would have been on top of their band had they not been on secondment, are eligible to receive the one-off non-consolidated lump sum payment. Please refer to Q7 within this document.  

Staff not yet at the top of their pay band should note:

  • Some staff will have their pay point deleted this year as part of the pay restructure.  These staff will receive both an annual pay uplift and transitional pay progression on 1st April, effectively receiving their pay progression early.
  • Other staff will receive an annual pay uplift on 1st April and then receive their transitional pay progression on their pay step date (formerly known as their incremental date).

Published 25th April 2019

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