Urgent Staff Safety Notice

Ambulance PE report

It is recognised that closing the side sliding door of the Fiat ambulances carries a risk of trapping your finger or hand between the door and the closing mechanism.

This could result in serious injury to your finger or hand due to the weight of the door and the speed it builds when closing.

It is important that this seemingly simple task is paid due attention for your own safety.

The side door is kept in an open position with magnets. To release the door, please use the grip points (not the opening mechanism itself) to pull in the direction to close the door.

Be aware that this can sometimes require some force to do so which could potentially put you off balance if undertaking the task without paying due care. Please do think about your body position and stance prior to closing the door to reduce the risk of being off balance and other musculoskeletal injury.

It may seem obvious to most, but please take a few seconds to watch the below videos on the best way to close the sliding door, to protect yourself and others from serious injury:


Published 10th May 2021