Use of Interpreters when at scene

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There are occasions where the use of an interpreter is required to assist in our assessment. The use of language line is encouraged to ensure that the translation is accurate and reflects the thoughts and wishes of the patient.

When attending scene or triaging in AOC, do NOT use family or those connected with the patient to translate. This will remove the potential for the translation to be misinterpreted or worse, the view of the patient not being expressed by the ‘translator’ but instead you being given the answer that the ‘translator’ wishes you to have. Please always be aware of the potential for an abuser to wish to translate and provide information that may allay any concerns that you have.

We must not be asking children to interpret for their parents, especially female patients, where personal questions may be asked.

Language Line information

If you are helping a patient who does not speak English, remember how the Trust’s telephone interpreting service, Language Line, can help you either on scene or in the control room.
Language Line is available 24 hours a day every day of the year and has interpreters available speaking over 200 languages.

If you arrive on scene with a patient, you can simply call Language Line and they will translate for you over the phone on loudspeaker. If you are in AOC, you need to end the conversation with the caller and ask them not to call back, ring Language line and they will connect you and the caller to have a three-way conversation.

When you call Language Line on 0845 310 9900 you will need to give the unique Trust ID for your area, which are listed below and your surname as a reference:

Client ID Department
EOC Norwich
EOC Chelmsford
286952   EOC Bedford
286954   ECAT (including SPOC)
286955   Complaint and Litigation (PALS)
298034   Operations Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
298035   Operations Essex
298042   Operations Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire
293651   PTS Essex
293652   PTS Cambridgeshire
293653   PTS Suffolk
293654   PTS Waveney
400435   PTS Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire

We have had really good feedback on the service that Language Line provides, and staff have said it is really effective and works very well, so please remember how it can help you in the future.

Thank you for all that you do to protect our service users.
The Safeguarding Team

Published 19th June 2020


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