Use of low power mode for emergency lights

RRV with blue lights

The Trust has received complaints from other road users that they have been dazzled by on-coming emergency vehicles driving under emergency conditions. 

Safety and visibility of an emergency vehicle is, of course, of paramount importance but please remember that our vehicles are equipped with a low power option to reduce possible glare and dazzling of other road users during poor light conditions or the dark hours. 

When the ‘low power’ button is selected (see example switch panel illustration below), it reduces the power output from the blue lights to 40%. This is not discernible by looking directly at the lights during the day, however, a material benefit in terms of reduced glare can be observed during the hours of darkness or adverse weather. Please consider the use of the ‘low power’ button when responding under emergency conditions.

The use of this safety option remains at the discretion of the emergency driver on the basis of their judgement of road, traffic and lighting conditions.

Should you have any questions or queries relating to this function please contact your line manager, driver training unit or fleet department.

Published 7th March 2015 

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