Use of Penthrox in Luton

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Luton Airport Fire and Rescue Service  has become the first airport in the UK to carry and administer Penthrox for pain and relief management as of last week.

Penthrox or Methoxyflurane is an inhaled pain relief for mild to severe pain. In-line with UK licensing, it can be used for adult patients with traumatic injuries.

If ambulance staff attend any patient at the airport who has been given Penthrox and needs to be taken to hospital, we will start using our own analgesia options at the point of handover.

Penthrox, like other inhaled analgesics has a very short duration of action once administration has stopped. It is therefore important to start our own analgesia plan prior to removal of Penthrox.

It will not be necessary for the attending  fire service personnel to travel to hospital with the patient. They will provide a patient care record (PCR) covering its administration to give to the hospital and we need to document its use on the EEAST PCR.

Disposal can be in any yellow clinical waste back as there are no sharps to consider.

Please click here for a leaflet around Penthrox, its use, indications and method of administration for your awareness.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing

Published 28th September, 2017

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