Using the Estates MiCAD Portal

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It is everyone’s responsibility to log maintenance issues, and the Estates MiCAD portal ensures any issues are dealt with in a timely fashion and allocated to the correct contractor.

In the current climate, we understand that colleagues are busy and sending an email to the Estates management team seeking an update may seem like a quick option. In reality, an email will not get dealt with as quickly as logging a Works docket correctly, especially if the Estates colleague is on annual leave, away from the office or has been stood down.

Estates co-ordinators regularly allocate work from the portal to contractors and following recent upgrades to the system, each works request is now sent directly to our approved list of contractors. 

MiCAD reporting – Who can log a call?

Any EEAST Colleague is permitted to raise a works docket via the MiCAD portal. Guidance on activating a user account can be found here.

Requesting contractor attendance?

The following link takes you to the front page of the Estates portal Defects (reporting faults with Estates)

Once logged in, you will be asked to provide a short summary of the fault, including:

  • Region
  • Site Location
  • Location of the problem
  • Room number
  • Summary of the problem
  • A contact person/people and a phone number must be included

MiCAD is intuitive and will automatically default the user to the next box that needs to be completed. 

Further guidance on completing the summary form can be found here.

Duplicate Works Dockets

While duplicate work dockets are permitted, we would ask that this is limited.  Our contractors are obligated to provide updates of works and all EEAST colleagues can review this information via the MiCAD number allocated.

Job Priority

MiCAD defaults every work docket priority to three weeks, however the Estates team can override this if the issue is more urgent.


Out of Hours entries will be picked at 08:00 following day. Emergencies need to go via the Duty LOMs.

Many thanks,
The Estates Team

Published 12th February 2021