COVID-19 vaccination programme begins


The Healthcare regulator the MHRA have approved the Pfizer - BioNTech vaccine for use in the UK. Health and care staff have been made one of the highest priority groups to receive the vaccine. 

We are partnering with NHSE and neighbouring acute NHS Trusts to put in place vaccination centres for EEAST staff to access so they can receive vaccination.

The characteristics of the vaccine i.e. storage, transport and time to use when out-of-fridge have meant that NHSE has had to phase the roll out and start with a few key sites and then roll out to other centres after that.

Exact timelines are yet to be formally announced, but it is likely this program will start very soon, depending on availability of the vaccine and infrastructure being in place.
We are in a position to start to collate names and numbers of staff who wish to take the vaccine and which site they would like to attend.
This can be done from today. Read on for details.

The project itself is changing rapidly and updates will be coming out regularly regarding exact access details and site locations. The EEAST process will follow a clinical update SOP provided below but will consist of three elements:

There are likely to be initially two phases for site allocation within our region.

Phase one will consist of eight acute Trusts throughout the East of England region (only 50 in the country are in Phase one so we are lucky to have nearly 16% of the country’s sites in our region)

These sites are as follows:


Locations – Acute Trusts – Phase one

BLMK - Bedfordshire

Milton Keynes University Hospital, (MKUH)


Basildon Hospital, (Mid & S Essex Hospitals Trust)


Colchester Hospital (E Suffolk & N Essex NHS Foundation Trust)


Addenbrookes Hospital, (Cambridge Biomedical Campus)


North West Anglian Foundation Trust, Peterborough City Hospital


Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital


James Paget Hospital


Lister Hospital, (East and North Herts Hospital Trust)

There will also be several mass vaccination centres being opened for access over the coming weeks and these are subject to confirmation but will be confirmed as they come online. 
Phase one will also see a mass vaccination site in Stevenage being opened and available to attend:


Locations – Proposed Mass vaccination sites (TBC)


MV site - Robertson House, 6 Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Priority Site

Phase two timelines have yet to be confirmed but is likely to be in the next few weeks and will hopefully include centres such as:  

  • Queen Elizabeth King’s Lynn  
  • Watford General 
  • West Suffolk Hospital (BSE). If you would like to receive a vaccine via the WSH, Bury St Edmunds as this is your closest site, please pre-register today using the form here: 
    This will help to prepare for phase two.  

 Queen Elizabeth King’s Lynn, West Suffolk and Watford General are also on the options list on the EEAST Vaccine Site Selection Form to select if they would be your preferred site choices.  

The eight Phase One acute sites are preparing to start vaccinating all acute, mental health and ambulance staff from next week and we are requesting that if you are able to attend one of the first eight sites, please complete the Vaccine Site Selection Form to indicate which site you’d be prepared to attend, so we can start to coordinate numbers of staff that may be vaccinated during phase one.  
NOTE: This is not the booking form. You will still need to book directly with the site once the booking system information is released. The site will however be expecting you based on the above data provided and can plan for vaccination numbers. 

It is important to know your NHS number as this will help with ensuring your vaccination record is uploaded to your GP records either via the acute site or via CAllEEAST. 

A SOP for all aspects of the vaccination program can be downloaded as a separate PDF below and updates regards vaccination sites will be added to the NTK page 

Thanks very much 


Chris Martin 

Clinical Lead – Clinical Effectiveness