Vaccination Programme – phase two


The Trust has taken part in one of the biggest vaccination programmes the country has ever seen, and phase one of this programme has come to an end, with all staff and volunteers offered their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

From 15th March, phase two will begin with those staff and volunteers being offered their second dose of vaccine.

Booking your second dose

Those staff who need to arrange their second dose, are asked  to book the same location as they had their first.
This enables EEAST to control the doseage and clinic numbers.

Booking in for the in-house vaccination is once again through Evolve,
 so please makes sure you have your login details to hand.

1.       Log in to Evolve (ensure you have your NHS number)

2.       Select ‘Course Directory’

3.       Then select ‘Covid Vaccination Programme

4.       Select the centre where you want to receive the vaccine.

It is important to know your NHS number as this will help ensure your vaccination record is uploaded to your GP records either via the acute site or via CallEEAST,and will also speed up the booking and vaccination record data entry. 
Your NHS number can be found via the NHS App, through your GP surgery, on repeat prescriptions and hospital letters.

Are you a member of the BAME community?

Although members of the BAME communities are more likely to suffer the more serious symptoms of COVID-19, they are still not as well-represented in taking up the vaccine as other staff.
BAME staff are advised to take the vaccination and book an appointment at an external site. There are full details on how to do this on our Vaccination Home Page

Janice Scott receives her vaccination


Janice Scott's experience
"As the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, it would be thoughtless of me to write an article that puts pressure on staff to take the vaccine, especially anyone who is Black, Asian or from any other ethnic group.

What I will say, is that my experience of contracting COVID-19, along with COVID-19 pneumonia and a respiratory illness, was one of the scariest experiences of my life, my brain did not even have the energy to picture my life flashing past.

Imagine begin unable to move in bed because as soon as you do, the air stops flowing into your lungs. The act of trying to breathe sets you off on a coughing fit which makes it even harder to get the air into your lungs. Imagine your son after each episode saying “Mum I thought you were gonna die.”

My first day visit to hospital on a red ward saw between 15-20 critically ill patients wheeled past. Only one of these patients was not black, Asian or from another minority ethnic group. Suddenly I started to rethink my “I’m not having the vaccine until they make it compulsory, because they’re trying to kill us off” thoughts.

Five days after, I was back in to stay, my bed opposite another black lady who was swiftly moved down to ICU. I could hear the speed at which decisions were being made by the consultants with a lady who was unable to respond. I also saw two ladies 'disappear' from the ward. It brought home to me that COVID-19 is a killer. I am very blessed to be home and back at work.

My unplanned 'secret shopper' experiences with EEAST as a service was brilliant. I and all at the Trust want you to be able to continue providing such a great service.

I have had my first dose of the vaccine, whether you have the vaccine is your choice. It’s a choice that you make based on your personal beliefs, your health and what is best for you and your families. As the quote says, it’s a choice you make where ultimately you may be choosing a consequence.

I wanted to say a special thank you to all staff for continuing to provide Outstanding care. I especially wanted to say thank you to the staff at AOC, Kempston and St Neots stations who dealt with my erratic calls. 

Not had your first vaccination dose?

Those who have not had their first dose and who wish to book one are now advised to book their vaccination at an external site.
Details of finding a site near you can be found on our Vaccination Home Page.

Declining vaccination

We would encourage you to have the vaccine, but in the event you wish to decline, can you please complete the online form. You will need your staff number and NHS number.

Reasons for declining can be recorded as Contraindicated or Informed Choice to Decline.
This data will be logged against the NHSE database and then deleted at the end of the vaccination program.
Vaccination Decline Form 


Published 5th March 2021