Vehicle cleaning changes

Ambulance PE report

The schedule for cleaning operational vehicles is changing with effect from the 1st October.

The changes will help to ensure that our operational vehicles are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness to protect our patients and staff from the risk of infection.

The key points of the changes to the vehicle cleaning schedule are:

Between patient clean

  • No changes to the requirements or frequency
  • Predominately carried out by operational staff after every patient conveyance, to clean any contact areas and equipment used
  • Should take no more than 15 minutes in the majority of cases

Interim clean

  • Renamed and frequency changed to:
  • Every 48hrs for patient carrying vehicles
  • Every 96hrs for non-patient carrying vehicles
  • Carried out by either AFA/ VCO teams or operational staff and is a more in-depth clean of the external surfaces of the vehicle interior (does not routinely include inside of cupboards)
  • Should take approx. 30-40 minutes to complete

Service clean

  • Frequency extended from 6 to 12 weeks for both patient and non-patient carrying vehicles
  • The vehicle will require removal from service and this will predominately be carried out by AFA/ VCO teams where available. This level of clean requires all equipment and consumables to be removed the vehicle clean thoroughly inside and out and all equipment cleaned before being re-kitted.
  • This should take approx. 3-6hrs depending on the type and condition of vehicle.

Decontamination clean

  • No changes to the requirements or frequency
  • There are no set frequencies for this type of clean and it not expected to be routine. This for the occasions when the vehicle becomes heavily contaminated and requires removal from service for urgent decontamination prior to use.

For further information regarding the types of cleans please see the Decontamination Manual, available through East24.

Published 25th September 2018

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