Vehicle servicing and mileage

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With one of the most modern emergency and non-emergency ambulance fleets in the country, our fleet team does a lot to make sure our vehicles are well looked after, including making sure they are regularly serviced. 

Every vehicle should have a service sticker that will have both a date and a mileage on it; the vehicle should be serviced when that date or mileage is reached – whichever comes first. The fleet and operational teams ask colleagues to work to this mileage number wherever possible.

 However here at EEAST, for operational continuity, we allow for up to 1,000 miles over that recorded on the sticker before the vehicle must be serviced, i.e. if the sticker says 55,000 miles, we provide an operational tolerance of up to 56,000 miles. 

This additional 1,000 miles is based on a technical assessment of vehicles, which allows them to be used safely. 

Please help the fleet team, and the Trust, by assisting in keeping an eye on the vehicles on your station. If you find one that is approaching the scheduled service mileage on the sticker, or is overdue, please let your manager know so they can arrange a service at the earliest opportunity.

Published 7th April, 2016

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