VIDEO: Staff workshop generates discussion to improve late finishes

Late finishes update:

A group of staff have led a discussion to help generate ideas about solving late finishes.

Recent communication from the Executive Board to staff invited the entire workforce to raise their hot topics – and late finishes came out on top.

The workshop, which all staff were invited to, was hosted by Kevin Brown, Director of Service Delivery and welcomed a dozen staff to Stevenage Ambulance Hub to discuss what they think could help solve the ongoing issue.

The main ideology that emerged focussed less on the last hour of shift and instead on working back two, and four hours from the end of shift as this is where it was felt some of the problems started.

Kevin said: “We’re listening to our staff about this issue and the workshop was really positive. It has broadened everyone’s understanding and generated some innovative alternatives.

“We believe that the answers sit with all staff working jointly around a home on time (HOT) tasking and a collaborative approach to the last call of the day.  We don’t exactly know what that looks like right now, but we will be developing the ideas that have come from staff out of this workshop and the other suggestions. 

“The belief from the frontline is that the end of the shift starts from the beginning of it and not the last hour and that continuing to focus on that aspect is not the solution, which is why our approach is now changing.”

Another workshop is planned for the New Year, in which a more prescript set of working principles will be explored to see how the ideas generated can be trialed on the road.

The board met with UNISION partnership colleagues earlier this week and socilaised the ideas of the focus group. Kevin added: “We had a positive meeting overall which we hope to continue over the next couple of weeks to bring a new arrangement in to try. Everyone involved fully recognises the underpinning capacity is at the heart of the problem and recognises why this is so hard to resolve quickly.”

Published 21st December, 2017



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