VIDEO: Trust Update from Dorothy Hosein, CEO – 2nd July 2020

Video transcript: Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive video update on 2 July 2020

Hello colleagues,

Well social distancing is still in place, I want to say, albeit there is an easing of restrictions but it’s really really important that we keep to the social distancing rules.  I know it is a real relief - I know I am looking forward to having a haircut - but there will be rules around that, and I want you to please stick to them. We need to make sure that we don't ever have to go into lockdown again, so please stick to them. We’ve seen throughout the country there have been pockets of parties going on and people congregating. Please don't take part - that is not something that is socially acceptable at this time.

Performance wise I am delighted to say that all of the efforts you are putting in are really having an impact for our patients. We are getting to our sickest patients faster and we are really sustaining that day-in, day-out, and we are trying now to make sure that everybody - every patient who calls us gets that national standard. We've achieved all national standards again this week so we are trying our best, so again thank you for all of the effort that is going in.

You will have received a CQC survey last Friday, with a deadline of two weeks to fill it out. I believe the 13th July is the completion date. Please fill it out, it is about our leadership and our culture within our organisation and your views count. Please go ahead and fill that out.

Delighted to say this week there is a celebration to hand and that's about the NHS on Sunday. 72 years, 72 years young, and that is a celebration for all of you because you are all part of it.  So clap yourself on the back about that and a huge thank you because again this really matters and no more than ever with what we are going through so huge birthday but a very young one.

Thank you.

 Published 2nd July 2020

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