Violence and aggression against our people

First day of student paramedic course Norwich April 2014

A big thank you  is due to everyone who has been taking the time to report any acts of violence and aggression on DATIX

By reporting on DATIX, managers and the Local Security Management Specialists (LSMS) are informed of any assault and have been able to better support staff victims and direct them to PAM.

It also helps protect colleagues who may go to an address as they can be forewarned by a CAD flag, and local risk assessments (LRAs) are more accurate as managers can identify hot spots where action needs to be taken.

Anne Wright, Security Management Specialist, added: “The LSMS can work with the six police constabularies to improve on the number of prosecutions or to understand the rationale for not doing so.

“In Harlow, Essex, the Police District Commander has agreed to treat every assailant as if they have capacity until proved otherwise and to arrest them for any assaults on frontline staff.  But the staff victim must be prepared to go to court and support the police on a prosecution if required.  If this trial is successful, then the Police District Commander is going to get other district commanders across Essex signed up to this.”

If you are the victim of an assault, ensure that when you give your police statement you also make a Victim Impact Statement as they can be very powerful in influencing magistrates with their sentencing e.g.  state your emotional state of mind, how the assault made you feel, how it may have impacted on home or work life etc. Don’t hold back as this will show magistrates the true effect of assaults on frontline staff. Also: 

  • victims of sensitive assaults can get personal support from the LSMS who has experience of this kind of thing and can perhaps put you in touch with others who have been through the same ordeal
  • if you have reported an incident and nothing seems to be happening, ensure you let your manager and LSMS know – then they can try to help and liaise with the police as there is only a window of six months in which to bring a prosecution case for assault
  • if your case goes to court, let your manager and LSMS know so they can ensure others are aware of a successful prosecution and after gaining your permission, the Comms Team will work on publicity too.  This will encourage more reporting. 

Don’t forget, you can also work with Anne and the Communications Team under the Trust’s #DontChooseToAbuse campaign to raise internal and external awareness about reporting assaults and preventing them, even if your incident is not recent – if you choose to speak up and help raise awareness about suffering violence or aggression, it can help keep this in the public consciousness.

Published 16th April 2018



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