Volunteer for Overtime using GRSWeb

GRS Timesheets

 We want to improve the way you can see what overtime is available and volunteer to work. We are rolling out the functionality on GRSWeb that allows you to see the shifts available for overtime in your locality and volunteer to work these shifts.

Volunteering for a shift does not mean that you will definitely be allocated the overtime, it is only a request to work. The local planning team will review shift volunteers and allocate the shifts based on operational need.

You can volunteer for multiple shifts as this will increase the likelihood of getting an overtime shift. If you change your mind about volunteering for a shift, you can remove the request via GRSWeb as long as you haven’t been allocated the overtime. If you have been assigned the overtime, then you need to follow your local procedure of cancelling overtime.

 The Vacancy Filler can be accessed via GRSWeb and notes on how to use GRSWeb to volunteer can be found on Evolve here. Your local planning teams also have the instructions.

Don’t forget that you can access GRSWeb via your iPad, home devices and work computers.

Operational staff will be able to start using GRSWeb to volunteer for shifts from Tuesday 26th October. If you have any question please speak to your local planning team or email rosteringservices@eastamb.nhs.uk.

Published 31st October 2021