Want to join our EEAST Charity Action Group?

Following the efforts of Captain, Sir Tom Moore, who raised a massive £32m+ for the NHS earlier this year, EEAST have been allocated a share of those funds. We have also been fortunate to receive some other donations into our charity across 2020. 

We now need to spend that money to do justice to all the kind people who have donated to us at the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Therefore, we are looking for a small group of volunteers to form a working party which we shall call our Charity Action Group.  We need to look at how we can best utilise the Charitable Funds we have to help enhance the experiences of patients, staff members and volunteers of EEAST.

Do you have some ideas in your team? Get your thinking caps on!

As with everything financial there are some rules and regulations we must adhere to. I think we would all expect a rule or two because we must make sure the money we have is looked after and spent wisely, so, we have to work within the framework of NHS Charity rules.

The general principle that the project must reflect something over and above that which is normally funded by the NHS, meaning that the charity is funding enhancements to what is normally afforded and must be for the benefit of our staff, patients and/or volunteers.   

If you would like to get involved, then please get in touch with us here in the finance team.  We are here to help and guide you, but we want your ideas and your energy!  

Please email in to charitablefunds@eastamb.nhs.uk to let us know you are interested. 

We would like to get started as soon as we can so if you could email us by 18 December please. 

If you cannot get involved directly but have some ideas, then please email those across as well for us to include.  If you email the address above but title your email Charity Action Group IDEA, then that will help us get them together.

Published 9th December 2020