We Are EEAST Briefing - Thursday 10th June 2021


The latest We Are EEAST Briefing features Marcus Bailey, Chief Operating Officer.

Hi, a very good afternoon everybody, Marcus Bailey Chief Operating Officer, I hope you are well, we’ll give colleagues a minute just to join us as well. Obviously, I think I’m going to stop saying this at some point, but in terms of this in the Q and A, obviously we’ve got the question function. You’ve got me today, and just me, as colleagues are on other business as such, so you’ll have to just bear with me when I look through the questions that you send in, I will be staring at the screen in order to view and answer those, so if you could bear with me when I do that.

Ok, we’ll make a start, please feel free to add the questions in and I’m sure colleagues will continue to join us. So, I just really wanted to start again by saying a big thank you. It is busy, it is really busy, and it is tough. I’ve done some regional calls this week in how it feels for people and some of the national information coming out, there is clearly a really big use of urgent and emergency care.

We see that in terms of increase and increase from previous months as well, and most health and social care teams are measuring 2019 as opposed to 2020 because of the lockdown and the affect that may have had on people accessing services as well.

We need to have a think about how we are able to approach that, what additional steps we can take and how we try and share that support across the system. Because it won’t just be us, it’s also about the hospitals, it’s also about primary care and it’s also about some of the community services as well.