We Are EEAST Briefing - Thursday 29th April


This week's We Are EEAST Briefing comes from our Chief Operating Officer Marcus Bailey.

I’m just going to give a couple of updates. First of all, we received some really positive and nice feedback from North West Anglia Foundation Trust, which is Peterborough City and Hinchingbrooke Hospital sent in for the Cambridgeshire team particularly to say thank you, thank you for the support that has been given over the winter period and during Covid, and as a key system partner, about that level of assistance in managing the risk and looking after patients as well. I think that’s really nice that they’ve taken the time to thank us and to be able to share that with everybody.

Some of you may be aware or you have seen issued the national agreement around overtime pay, and it will be explained further. But we are looking to be able to work together with Unison to go through that with any kind of monies owed and impact of individuals being paid in the September pay month in order to allow us time to do this properly, accurately and progress that. It will look at eligibility over the two years really just to be able to calculate, hence you can see why that is going to take us just that little bit of time, and we would rather give you a date that we can stick to rather than say that we will rush it through, in the spirit of being open and honest.

The other bit is around culture improvement. We know that we have still got a way to go, there is still a lot going on. We will be issuing in Need to Know tomorrow some of the cultural updates and the progress we have made and are making are particularly starting to take shape now through work with the Improvement Director and the Exec team about the focus on themes that we need to continue with and the bit that really starts to make that difference for everyone, and particularly in terms of the workplace, how people feel, about making sure that we deal with issues and concerns. We will not get it all right all of the time, but I think the key bit here is around the change and the direction and the support. So, Bob is in as Workforce and Director, really getting under the skin of some of the areas of focus, particularly around the ER case work, and also really supporting the team in terms of how we look to move forward on that as well.