Welcome to our Green Champions

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Following on from our article a few weeks ago, we are delighted to have recruited Green Champions across the Trust!

We really are overwhelmed at the level of interest and passion we’ve seen from all those who have come forward to take on a Green Champion role, so a big thank you to all that have signed up.

Our Champions have told us they are:

"Passionate about the environment at home and work"

"Keen to create green spaces that enhance biodiversity and promote staff health and wellbeing"

"Want to contribute to a greener future for ourselves and the organisation"

"Care about the impact we are leaving on the environment and the legacy we leave to younger generations".

Our Green Champions are based at sites across the Trust and will be working alongside us to improve the sustainability team to improve our operations. Your local green champions are:


Christine Crawford - Bedford AOC


Awaiting a named volunteer


Kate Norris - Chelmsford

Timothy Lee - Chelmsford


Katy-Lee Winter - Hemel Hempstead

Jacob Wright - Royston


Paula Nuttall - Thetford

Lee Sweetlove - Bury St. Edmunds


Lisa Gill - Longwater

Jonathan Vaughan - Diss

Sharon Robertson - Hellesdon

We are still hoping to recruit a Green Champion for Cambridgeshire, if you work in Cambridgeshire and think this is something you would be interested in doing then please get in touch with us: sustainability@eastamb.nhs.uk.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions do not hesitate to contact one of your local Green Champions or the Sustainability team and if you would like to be involved it's not too late, just drop us an e-mail at sustainability@eastamb.nhs.uk.

Published 17th February 2021