Wellbeing begins at home: this week’s leadership message comes from Health and Wellbeing Manager, Debra Winterson

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Everyone who knows me will know I am passionate about anything and everything wellbeing. I think it touches everything we do, say and feel on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, my leadership message today has to be about looking after your own wellbeing.

We are all living in chaotic and manic times. There is a great deal of change and confusion in the world; our family lives, relationships and the way we simply live day-by-day are complicated by both social and technological pressures. We, at the Trust, have chosen to work in an environment that throws curve ball after curve ball and is continuously in transition. There is no time to think, reflect or sometimes even breathe!

But we need to.  At the heart of wellbeing is the art of simply stopping, looking around us and taking in what is going on, doing something that makes us feel good, whether exercise, cooking, talking to a friend, helping each other out. All things that are not about work.

Wellbeing is about balance; balance between home and work, giving and taking, discipline and indulgence. It’s about finding a healthy mid-point in everything you do that works for you. If we do nothing but work, allow ourselves to feel disappointed without speaking out, or over-control our feelings, our stress levels will rise and we will ultimately burn out.

Wellbeing is about getting to know ourselves too. Without understanding ourselves and our reactions to the world, we cannot build a level of resilience, which will help us cope with everything life throws at us. Our perception of the world has a huge effect too; is your glass half full or half empty?

Looking after your physical health is also paramount to your wellbeing especially in the winter months! Getting your flu jab is important regardless of your job role because it will protect not just you, but your family and friends too. Clinics are on East24, which is updated regularly with new dates as they come in.  If you have any queries or fears about the flu jab, please email us on flu@eastamb.nhs.uk.

Because you and your wellbeing are so important, we have launched the Staff Wellbeing Hub which has a growing range of support services in place. We are here to help you, confidentially, with any wellbeing issue you might have. We cover many aspects of mental health in different ways such as training, counselling and e-therapy, on subjects including personal resilience, stress and anxiety, suicide prevention, and mental health first aid. We are also about to strengthen the physical side of our support too and will be building on our knowledge and service in subjects such as nutrition, exercise, hydration and even offering basic health/fitness checks.  Possibly on our Staff Wellbeing Bus! You can find all of the information for these on East24 and you can contact me or my team at any time.

Our job here in the Trust is to look after others.  Most of us have probably been drawn to the work because that’s exactly what we want to do. It makes us feel good. But my message this week is to say  if we don’t look after ourselves we will be no use to others. Wellbeing begins at home. Take care of yourself, and you will be happier, healthier and in a much better place to be able to give your best to others. Namaste.

Have a great week,


Published 26th October, 2017

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