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Halfway through Diversity Week at the Trust, the Christian Ambulance Association talk about the support they offer and of course Christmas!

In the Christian Ambulance Association (CAA), we are committed to supporting Christians in the ambulance service. It can be a tough place to serve, as many of us have been reminded recently. Christmas is the time of year when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and also a great opportunity to remember His unconditional love and His offer of relationship with us. 

The CAA has been going for a couple of years and currently has 170 members spread across all regions of the UK. We're completely free and run by volunteers. Right now, we're in a growing phase and focusing on increasing our profile so that people know we're here.

We want to provide support in the following ways:

Know You're Not Alone
You can feel lonely or isolated out there. It's good to know you're part of a much larger group of Christians.

Feel Valued by your Organisation and Colleagues
You might wonder whether others welcome and encourage Christians at work. We want to build mutual respect and recognition for Christians within the ambulance services.

Be Supported and Supportive
We're building a community of Christians in and around the ambulance services. We all need support sometimes. Support you might not be able to get elsewhere; probably due to the unique challenges of our work. 

We are looking to develop local communities in the UK - we think this is a key part of providing mutual support for our members. You can find out more about us at caauk.net or join us here

You can also follow us on Twitter (@ChristianAmbUK) and Instagram (christianambuk) or on Facebook (christianambuk or by searching for Christian Ambulance Association). Finally, you can contact us direct at info@caauk.net.

We hope you find some time to spend with your family and friends over this inevitably busy Christmas time and let’s keep on supporting one another.

Published 4th December 2019

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