What you really need to know - Trade union discussions

The Trust is going through some tough times regarding local UNISON relations – and we think you need to know what the situation is.

We care about our staff. Ensuring our staff know the facts is important to us. So here they are: 

  • We need to persuade commissioners and regulators to support greater investment in EEAST, to get us more money so we can recruit more staff to improve things for staff and patients. 
  • What we believe is negative campaigning by UNISON impacts our ability to attract more funding, and thus, the situation for our staff doesn’t improve.
  • Patients tell us they trust us to deliver and our priority, as always, is to deliver the best patient care we can with the resources we have – but we know we can do better if we can attract more funding for staffing.

The amazing commitment by Trust staff means we have come a long way in a short time. We recognise this and thank all our staff for their dedication. Despite all the improvement we have made, we still firmly believe that we need more funding and staffing. We’re working hard to make this case, so that we can improve our services and reduce the pressure on staff.

What now?

As a leadership team we want the UNISON branch to work with us on a partnership agreement that puts staff and the real issues first.

If you’ve got a question, ask us. Ask your manager, push for answers and we will do all we can to give you those answers.

 We thought you may have some questions, so we’ve answered a few for you:

Is the Trust derecognising UNISON?

No. We value UNISON as a recognised trade union and want to improve our partnership working arrangements.

UNISON says the Trust wants to derecognise them so they can force through negative changes to terms and conditions?

This is not true and we have already offered a new voluntary recognition agreement. We want to continue to recognise UNISON and work in partnership to deliver the changes that will be needed to deliver the full implementation of the Ambulance Response Programme. The move to fewer RRV’s and more DSA’s is something UNISON has been calling for so the Trust does not understand why UNISON is now actively resisting these changes.

We’re going to keep you as up to date as we can, as often as possible and because we know you don’t all have access to your emails daily, we’re asking you to spread this message with your colleagues. We want to make sure you hear the facts first from us. If there’s something you want to know email feedback@eastamb.nhs.uk  

Thank you,

The EEAST leadership

 Published 23rd November, 2017





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