When talking isn't enough

Its ok to not be ok graphic

Sometimes talking, and sharing your problems, is just not enough.  Life becomes too much to bear and you can’t see a light at the end of any tunnel.  

Your mind may be whirring, the tears flowing, the images replaying over and over again, and you just want to run as far away as possible.  You feel desperate.

You are not alone.  Our Crisis Line (0808 196 2370) is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

One call could make all the difference to you, or a colleague in distress.

Ms P made that call. 

She had been struggling with feelings of extreme frustration due to issues in her relationship. She was struggling at work, continually distracted by her problems. She wasn’t sleeping, and this was making her feel tired and cranky during the day. She found herself wanting to cry continually, bursting into tears at inappropriate times and it was increasingly difficult to supress her feelings.

One Saturday evening, spent alone after yet another argument, it all got too much for her and she felt like she just wanted to end it all.

Fortunately, she had seen the Crisis Line number on a poster at work.  She rang, was answered straightaway, and spoke to a mental health professional who helped her firstly to calm down and then begin to clear her thoughts. She was taken through some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques and felt much better.

The mental health nurse called her the next day to check in and make sure she was ok. She was able to put some therapy in place and talk to Ms P’s GP about longer term plans to support her mental health.  Ms P soon began to find solutions to her problems and it was not long before she began to see life as worth living again.

With the long weekend coming up for some of us, and the continual demands of work continuing throughout for others, remember that there is help.  A friend or colleague in the first instance, the EAP if you feel you need more to help you unravel any everyday issue (financial, parenting, caring, legal, anxiety, stress) and the crisis line for times of extreme distress and despair.

Enjoy the Easter Weekend.

Be kind to yourself and each other.

 Published 1st April 2021