Who’s who in Informatics


Informatics consists of the Information, Development, Rostering Services, and Data Quality teams. All these departments play a big part in responding to freedom of information requests (FOI’s) for the Trust and are spread over four sites (Norwich, Chelmsford, Bedford, and Peterborough).

Here are some of the key areas that the teams specialise in.

The Information team

  • completes national and contractual performance submissions. The analysts use a variety of methods to extract the data from the data warehouse and prepare it for the stakeholder. The most common visualisations are line graphs to show change over time, heat, or pin maps to show the density of demand or formatted tables to make the differences clear to the customer
  • provides reports using the 999, PTS, EPCR and some AOC information
  • is responsible for the production of the monthly integrated board report which includes information from all the departments in the organisation. Check back in a future article where we will drill into these metrics a bit further
  • analysts are currently rolling out Microsoft PowerBi reports to replace the existing manual reports. These reports provide a self-service platform for users to access information as and when they need it. We will cover this off in more detail in the coming weeks.

If you have a request for information please send it to information@eastamb.nhs.uk

The Development team

  • manages the data flows from Cleric CAD and ensures they continue to the data warehouse and the Portal reporting system
  • software developers create the environment which the analysts use to supply data and business intelligence to our internal and external customers
  • also ensures external data feeds are flowing as expected and Portal reporting remains available.

The Rostering team

  • ensures that the GRS tool is available to staff, they roll out changes, recording and reporting on staff sickness, abstraction, and annual leave figures and play a key part in the rollout of new rosters or whenever someone starts or leaves the organisation
  • GRS hosts the timesheet module that a lot of the organisation use to ensure staff are paid accurately
  • The team is currently working on a project to provide more near live reporting from GRS, stay tuned in the coming weeks for an update on this project.

The Data Quality team

  • identifies and resolves, where possible, the inaccuracies within the Cleric CAD data caused by user or system error
  • liaises with AOC managers to ensure new standard operating procedures (SOPs) do not impact the Trust compliance to AQIs or the Information Teams reporting commitments.
  • deals with detailed process mapping and devising complex solutions.

If you think you have found a DQ issue then please sent it to dataquality@eastamb.nhs.uk


We would like to provide regular updates to the organisation as the Informatics team embarks on the rollout of changes which will impact the way the organisation uses data. Look out for our weekly section in Need to Know. This may include an article on a new report, explanations of metrics or it may be hints and tips on how to use a system to make your job easier.

Published 21st May 2020

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