Working from home and your wellbeing

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We are now 13 weeks into lockdown and although restrictions are easing and life is returning to some sort of normality we are still living with some of the changes that have taken place, and the effects they have had on us - specifically working from home. 

For many this period of time at home has been a first. The structure of the day as you knew it - getting up to an alarm, travelling to and from the workplace, having set hours, set routines, chatting with a friend at lunch - has gone, and we are left largely with ourselves, and the need for huge doses of self-motivation and discipline!

What started as a novelty may now be having some negative effects. These might include:

  • Difficulty remaining motivated by, focussing on and prioritising your work

  • Being unable to switch off, manage boundaries

  • Not sleeping well

  • Feeling disconnected from other people – socially and professionally (talking only on the phone and teams calls are not the same as face-to-face contact!)

  • Not knowing how you are progressing, whether you are doing the right thing - without close interaction with other team members

Of course, working from home is not a new concept. But it is one that more and more of us have had to get used to, and it could well be a growing part of our future!

Like most things in life, there are huge advantages and some pretty difficult to live with disadvantages too. Over the coming 5 - 6 days we will be attempting to give you some information, guidance and a few tips and tools, hopefully to make the things that are causing you some issues a little easier to cope with. 

Please tell us your thoughts too so that we can support you in the best possible way as we move forward. We are covering some practicalities alongside the obvious health and wellbeing topics but remember all factors are interlinked in some way – your overall wellbeing is dependent on finding balance.

Everything in this document can also be used as a code for general life too: your wellbeing is not just for Covid, but for life!

Designate a workspace 

There are solid personal wellbeing reasons for this which we will touch on later, but there is a good, strong practical argument too. You need, as an absolute minimum, to be physically safe, and comfortable, as you will be spending an intense amount of time sitting at your workstation during your working day. This document says it perfectly: there is no need to repeat here what to do. Have a look to see what you might be doing differently to make your day better

Make sure you have everything you need:

  • replicate the set up you have in the office if possible - better to ‘invest’ in a second screen now than have a neck strain later
  • ensure you have good, working internet connections
  • ensure adequate supplies of pens, paper etc – whatever you might need

Please note that you should also refer to the Trust’s HR/Health & Safety guidance and checklist

Published 25th June 2020

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