Young mum thanks EEAST staff for saving her life after cardiac arrest

Daira Jakobsone meets EEAST staff who helped save her life

A month to the day after suffering a cardiac arrest, 25-year-old patient Daira Jakobsone was able to meet her lifesavers at Kempston ambulance station.

As a weightlifting competitor, Daira was training in a Bedford gym when her partner who was training with her made the 999 call as she began to fit. North Bedfordshire paramedic, Huw Moriarty-Jones, was first on scene within two minutes and immediately commenced advanced lifesaving protocols as Daira was in cardiac arrest. 

Luckily Huw had visited the gym previously as it had no signage outside, preventing any delay with treatment. Huw was promptly followed by Emergency Medical Technicians, Julie Manners and Jon James Smith, and duty Leading Operations Manager (LOM), Dave Tamarro.

Within five minutes, a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) was achieved and further medical support arrived via MAGPAS. Daira was conveyed swiftly to the nearest A&E before being transferred to Papworth hospital. As it happened, Huw Moriarty-Jones was part of the crew who completed the transfer.

On meeting the EEAST staff, Daira commented: “I am overwhelmed with emotion but it was amazing to hear what had happened from the perspective of my heroes. I am so lucky to have had all of you there to bring me back to life. It is so hard to find the words to thank you properly.”

David Tamarro added: “The stars were absolutely aligned in achieving this incredible outcome for Daira, in terms of the prompt response from EEAST and the clinical expertise conducted throughout her care. We are all extremely proud of the whole team involved and wish Daira a happy and healthy future.”

Daira’s partner proposed to her a week after the incident and thanks to the intervention of EEAST she is still here for her six-year-old daughter.