LAMP testing available to EEAST staff in Norfolk


A trial of a simple, saliva test for Covid-19 is available for EEAST staff working in central Norfolk and Hellesdon.

The trial of the LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) test is an alternative to Lateral Flow Tests (LFTS) and is available to all NHS staff, including contractors and volunteers. 

The test is more sensitive than the current LFTs which means it detects the virus earlier and it also cannot give a false positive, so there is no requirement for a follow up PCR test if your result is positive.  

Furthermore, you would only need to take a test once a week and it does not need to be the same day each week. 

All you need to do is spit 1ml of saliva into a container which has a barcode on it. You scan this code using an app – or you can input onto a desktop/laptop, if preferred – and the tube is placed inside a bag with a lint square and this bag is placed in a further bag. 

The sample is then placed in a collection bins which will be at Longwater, Hellesdon and the emergency department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals, where the trial is being conducted. All you have to do is scan the code on the collection bin.   

The sample should be taken prior to cleaning your teeth or having anything to eat/drink in the morning. If you are on a night shift, you can do the sample prior to leaving the station, as long as you have been nil by mouth for at least an hour. 

The test would need to be in the collection bins before midday and will be tested the same day. You will receive the result of the test by text on the same day.

Initially there will capacity for 400 members of staff to take place. Please express your interest by emailing

If this trial is proved successful, this will be shared across Norfolk initially and then the rest of EEAST as the infrastructure develops for this type of testing.

Published 23rd June 2021