AED Deployment Information

Your help is required to keep the 4,000 plus public access AEDs that we have located across our regions active and operational.

 How it works

EOC will deploy an AED following a 999 call that fits into the correct code set (Code 9 etc).

EOC will ask the 999 caller to return the AED to the cabinet once the crew arrives on scene.

EOC should also inform the attending crew that a community AED has been deployed.

When the crew arrives on scene, please may we ask that you remind the 999 caller to return the AED back to where they got it from, this will enable the local guardian to clean, restock and put it back into service.

Your help and support will assist us and save the AED from getting lost or going missing!

Thank you

 AED Amnesty

If you are aware of any community access AEDs that you have seen in an Ambulance Station, could you please let us know so that we can try to repatriate them back to where they should be.

Please email the make, model and any identifying markings or details to:


Published 9th July 2021