Background on BBC report on FFP3 masks

FFP3 disposable mask

A few weeks ago the BBC reported on a small study regarding the use of FFP3 masks and we thought it would be useful to put out some information that helps contextualise the reports.  

This small study has not yet been peer reviewed and includes many limitations. Indeed, the report itself indicates the requirement for further studies.  

The National Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) cell are aware of the study and, as with all new studies and emerging evidence, this will be subject to the same scrutiny as you would expect from research publications. This will also be discussed for inclusion where appropriate in the four nations ARHAI literature review (published monthly). 

At East of England Ambulance Service Trust, we remain aligned to the Public Health England (PHE) National IPC Ambulance guidance and, at present, the guidance remains unchanged in relation to RPE usage, i.e. when and where to use FFP3s. 

Our focus continues to be reducing the risk of infection and to keep all staff as safe as possible. We are working with the National IPC group to update the guidance that clarifies and explains the Hierarchy of Controls further for the ambulance sector. 

Published Friday 16 July 2021